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Hi! I’m Ariana.

I’m classically-trained, professional concert violinist, singer, and actress. No matter where I am, I’m always making music.

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From the pit to the spotlight

From musician to actor, my journey has been a unique and fulfilling one. Making the transition from classical symphonies to musical theater may seem like a big leap, but I believe that the skills I’ve developed over the years actually complement each other beautifully. 


As a violinist, I developed a deep love and respect for the arts, along with the skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive and demanding field. I developed discipline, focus, and a keen attention to detail. As an actor, I’m excited to bring that same level of dedication and artistry to the stage. I bring my all to every performance and working collaboratively with other talented artists to create something truly special.

Critics are saying...

"Ariana Straznicky (pictured above in one of her stunning costumes) is a standout in the role of the teacher Linda Mason in her CTC debut after a decade long hiatus from the musical theater world.
With her magnificent singing voice and lovely stage presence, she shines in the role."

Nancy Janis Sasso, CT Critics' Circle 



Get to know Ariana

As a versatile performer, I have had the privilege of playing many roles in musical productions, as well as performing in front of live audiences worldwide. My background in music has given me a deep understanding of the power that a heartfelt performance can convey, and I use this knowledge in my acting work. 

Photo credit: Michael Kushner Photography



A picture is worth a thousand words.

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To set up a call, please email me directly by clicking below. 

Photo credit: Suxiao Yang 

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