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I have had two boys in the Suzuki program with Ariana for three years and one year.  What I love about her specifically is that she is patient with the children, gets the best out of them in every session with positive energy.  She always has a positive comment to say before correcting technique which is important for their personalities.


She also has been able to work around difficulties that one of my sons has, by changing the typical Suzuki theme and thinking outside of the box, and helping him get over a hurdle that he otherwise may have quit over.


It is a lifestyle change to join Suzuki violin, one that will benefit the children enormously (think dedication, work ethic, parent-child bonding, learning to overcome) and they end up becoming musicians in the process!  You need to have a partner you can trust to help your kids reach their best and that is 100% Ariana.

Carolyn, Suzuki Mom 


Our 2 girls have been with Ariana for almost 6 years and the growth we've seen has been tremendous.  


Our daughters (ages 14 and 12) are very different in their learning styles and personalities.  Ariana has many different strategies and she changes things up to get the best results out of each of them.   She has been a huge help as the girls have gotten older and started performing in their school and regional orchestras.  They know that she will help them break down a difficult piece and get it polished and performance ready.  Overall, we couldn't be happier!  

Kathy & Jerry, Suzuki Parents