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Practice commitment


In order to progress on violin, discipline and commitment from both the parent and the student are required. Prior to enrolling, families should ensure that their weekly schedule allows for a consistent practice routine. Five days a week is minimum; daily is best.

Some students may benefit from a few shorter sessions (of 10-15 minutes) spread throughout the day to ensure a high quality of concentration. This style is can be helpful for many! Very young students, distractable / high-energy students, and high school students (interwoven throughout evening homework) have all benefited from this routine.

Practice guidelines
Young beginners: 30 minutes, divided
Books 1-2: 45-60 minutes
Books 3-4: 60+ minutes 
Books 5+: 90+ minutes

Students who are formally studying two instruments (e.g. violin and piano) should practice both instruments daily, dividing their practice time between the two instruments. If the suggested practice time for your child’s level is 45 minutes, plan on 60 minutes of total practice divided between the two instruments. For superior progress, the recommendation is 45 minutes on each instrument. Make sure to start alternate days for whichever instrument is practiced first, so that your child is not always more tired when practicing the second instrument. 


Please make sure to arrive a full 10 minutes before your child’s scheduled lesson time. This gives your child time to transition mentally, use the restroom, trim fingernails and wash their hands, and unpack. You and your child should also tune the violin so that this does not take from lesson time.

All parents attend their child’s lesson and take notes, which their child will use during home practice. For each lesson, please bring two composition notebooks: one for your own note-taking, and another for my lesson notes. Place the composition book on my chair before each lesson.

You are welcome to use a cell phone to record videos of new skills. Please keep your cell phone hidden and silenced at other times; it is easy to get distracted and miss key points of the lesson. Your whole-hearted attention in the lesson honors the space of the lesson and supports your child’s learning.


Please use email for most communication, reserving texting for time-sensitive matters only. Phone conversations are better than email for certain situations; please email me so we can find a mutually agreeable time to talk.

When sending emails, please ensure the subject line is descriptive and accurate, and include only one subject per email. This helps me to respond to time-sensitive emails more quickly and ensures that your message does not get lost in an unrelated thread. It also helps me easily find a particular email when needed.

Preparation for lessons

It is the responsibility of all students to come to lesson with their assignments prepared. Lack of preparation may result in being dismissed from the lesson, which constitutes your child’s lesson for the week.

Studio Recitals

Performance is an essential component in musical progress. Students who have demonstrated musical growth will be invited perform in one studio recitals per year with limited exceptions: In the event the teacher determines that a student is not prepared, they will not participate. Students who miss their lesson the week of the recital or are late to (or miss) the dress rehearsal will not be permitted to perform. In the event that it is unsafe to hold a recital due to a public health emergency, an online or outdoor recital may be offered.

Summer Lessons

Summer is most definitely the time to relax and unwind, but students should also keep up with lessons and practicing to continue their well-earned progress. 


Students and families are expected to abide by the detailed policies regarding practice, lesson behavior, and to follow the studio schedule.

If you (or anyone accompanying you or in your care) damage anything in the building and/or studio space, the cost to replace/repair the item will be added to your account. Students will not be permitted to attend lessons, classes, or studio events if there is an outstanding balance on their account.

If you would like your teacher to accompany you to a violin store, rehearse with you, accompany you, or complete any violin repairs outside of lesson time, the rate is $50 per hour including travel time outside Southington. These services are not included in the cost of private lessons.

Parting Ways 

We can always part on good terms. If you have any questions or concerns about your musical studies and experience, please speak with me directly.


Please make sure to allow for a final lesson to honor the relationship and say “good-bye.” All outstanding balances must be paid before attending any remaining lessons, group classes, and recitals. Tuition is non-refundable.

The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a student from the studio. Grounds for dismissal include consistent lack of practice, violation of this policy or the studio handbook, and inappropriate, disrespectful, or violent behavior. Preceding any dismissal, the teacher will discuss concerns with the parent and there will be a one-month trial period. If no improvement is made during this time, the student will be dismissed.

I reserve the right to terminate lessons without refund if a student or parent compromises the health and/or safety of other students, parents, myself, the studio space, or in violation of this studio contract.

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