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Zoom Lessons: How to Add Fun Stamps & Reactions to Your Student's Screen

Since my last post, I've been asked more about how I use Zoom for online lessons and I am happy to oblige! Today, I'll be covering how to get those super cool stamps on my students' scores and how to use reactions. It's really easy and adds a fun touch to lessons.

1. First, open up screen share and locate the annotation bar.

Mine appears at the top of my screen and says "Mute, Start Video, Security..." Click "Annotate"

2. Click Annotate and then see the new bar of options. Click on Stamps.

A drop-down with an arrow, checkmark, X, star, heart, and question mark will appear.

3. Click on the Stamp you'd like to use and then tap it on your sheet music. Voila!

I often use stars to highlight parts of a piece that need to be looked at or hearts to tell a student to "give it some love" (whether that's more practice time, accents, vibrato, etc.)

Important note: The stamp colors are fixed, so there's no altering them.

Want to add some more fun to your lessons? Use Zoom's Reactions feature.

It's fun in group settings, especially when applause would cover the sound of one speaker. Students are well-versed in reactions and really enjoy when we use them.

These reactions will show up as a tiny button on your video screen. You can applaud them, give thumbs up, hearts, celebrate with a confetti, and more. The reaction will only stay up for a few seconds.

If you use "Raise Hand", it will stay up until you click "Lower Hand" This is a great feature for group meetings as it helps the host keep an eye out for participants who have questions.

Highlight the bottom bar of your Zoom meeting and click on "Reactions" for these features.

Will you be using any of these features in your virtual lessons? Comment below!

Happy practicing!


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