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Online Music Lessons: A Quick Zoom tutorial

Well, the world has changed quickly thanks to Coronavirus. Fortunately, music teachers around the world have come together to support one another in this new era of online teaching. I'm personally not a fan of long tutorials, so I made a quick video to show my colleagues how to share their screen and annotate sheet music during e-lessons.

Quick tips:

1. It's much easier, for both teacher and student, to work from a picture of your student's music. It helps students to quickly find their way when transferring online notes into their sheet music.

2. Work on small sections at a time. Then, erase everything when you're moving on to a new section. Otherwise, the annotations will follow you over to the new section and it'll be messy.


Q. When I screen share, can students still see me?

A. Yes, but you'll be in a small video. The shared screen will be the focus. You can easily stop and start screen share, so you can easily demonstrate just a click later.

If you have any other questions, please comment on my video on YouTube (or here), and I will edit this blog to include that Q&A.

Happy teaching!


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