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Music Lessons during a Global Pandemic

How does a music studio survive during a global pandemic? I am proud (and yet, pinching myself) when I say that we have made incredible strides despite the most difficult circumstances.

Our state (Connecticut) issued stay-at-home orders that closed schools, businesses, and turned our lives upside down. I never could have anticipated the outpouring of love for music and the arts during this unprecedented time.

Do you want to know what completely shocked me about the pandemic? Children and parents appreciate music lessons more than ever. Many of my students flourished, as musicians, during quarantine. They've been practicing every day, calling to ask questions between lessons, and have embraced challenges that might have otherwise seemed daunting.

Now, we're ready to head back into the studio. How will we stay safe when the numbers continue to rise around the country?

Safety is my top priority. I have studied the Connecticut state reopening guidelines, CDC regulations, as well as those presented by the American String Teachers Association. I read countless studies about air flow, virus survival on surfaces, how to properly wear and care for masks, and more. As such, I've enacted a strict Covid-19 policy with comprehensive safety procedures. I'm doing everything in my power to keep my students and families safe.

During lessons, windows and doors will be open to promote air flow. All lesson participants will wear masks and I've installed a plastic partition as added protection. Take a look at the new setup:

My Covid-19 Procedures and Policy:

If you (or someone you have been in contact with) have exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 or been diagnosed with Coronavirus, you will not be permitted at the studio until you have been cleared by a doctor. If you feel well enough to take a lesson during that time, we can work together via Zoom or recorded videos.

All students and parents are required to wash their hands thoroughly immediately prior to entering the studio. It is the student’s responsibility to tune their own instrument before their lesson begins. Please bring your own pencil, tuner, face masks, rosin, and sheet music to every lesson.

Masks are required upon entry to the building and the music studio.

We will observe proper social distancing (situated 6 feet apart) and a plastic partition has been added for our protection.

Siblings are not permitted in the studio during lesson time. The waiting area is open strictly for students only.

All surfaces and shared studio items will be disinfected between families. Lessons will be spaced out by 15 minutes to allow for Covid-19 cleaning, including airing out the studio. This time is unable to be used for late arrivals or extra lesson time.

To choreograph the foot traffic in the building, please exit the waiting area within 5 minutes of your lesson.

If you or someone you know shows symptoms of Covid-19 and/or is diagnosed with symptoms, please email me immediately. It is my responsibility to maintain a record for contact tracing.

If the state of Connecticut issues a stay-at-home order or the Southington Community Cultural Arts building closes, all lessons will be held via Zoom.


Does this seem over-the-top? I hope it does! I take public health and safety very seriously, personally, and I want to model community responsibility for my students.

I sincerely hope that sharing my Covid-19 studio policies will help others. I want to put my families' and students' minds at ease about returning to in-person lessons. Also, I'm encouraging my students to take proper time to rest and heal whenever they're showing signs of illness (whether or not it is Covid-19).

Fellow music teachers: How are you setting up your studio during this time? Comment below!

Students: Do these precautions put your mind at ease? What else would make you feel comfortable about returning to lessons? Comment below!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Happy practicing!


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