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Dear Santa: Holiday Presents for Your Favorite Violinist

The holidays are fast approaching and I've curated the perfect (if I do say so myself) gift list for violin students of all ages. Ranging from cute musical jewelry to fun and practical violin accessories, there's something for everyone!

Practice Presents with Pizzazz (Say that 5x fast!)

Magic Rosin

1. Magic Rosin

Magic Rosin comes in tons of varieties. ​​This design of a monster playing a violin cracks me up!

$12-16.00 each at

2. Rockin' Rosin

Made in the USA (locally made in Connecticut, actually!) by a fantastic music teacher. These shapes are adorable and a huge hit with young students. This rosin is shaped like a dog and comes in the cutest packaging.

$12.95 each at

3. Bead Counter

"Let's play it just ONE more time." How about 10 more times? :) These bead counters are perfect for motivating students to do all those

repetitions. Remember, practice makes permanent.

This bead counter is $9.99 at

You'll find I refer to quite often in this list. Their site is absolutely invaluable. They have tons of digital downloads of practice charts, teaching aids, and everything under the sun to make practice fun.

4. Super cool mute

We use mutes in orchestral music constantly. Every time I show my students one, they LOVE it. A standard mute is usually 50-cents, but these are so special, I know they'll be well-loved.

Brillante Polly Mute for violin $20

This sparkling mute adds even more shine under those stage lights!

Artino Practice Mute for Violin or Viola $6.75

Okay, I know this mute says it's a whale, but I think it looks like a bird. Either way, it's adorable. They also have one that's a bunny!

5. Music Bag

With all these accessories, you'll need a fun music bag to bring back and forth to lessons. These are adorable! They come in toddler size as well.

$14.99 from

6. Nail Clippers

Hint hint, nudge nudge! Fingers crossed that these cute clippers remind students to trim their nails before practice and lessons.

On sale for $1.99 at

7. Violin Pencil Sharpener

Move over, mechanical pencils! This violin pencil sharpener is a perfect addition to every violinist's practice room.

$5.99 at

8. Suzuki Review Flashcards

These flashcards show different review pieces from Suzuki Violin (and viola!)

Volumes 1-4. They'll make rotating through review pieces a breeze! Bonus points for having really clever pictures for each piece.

$11.99 from

9. Music Socks

Okay, maybe these socks don't help with practice, per se, but aren't they fun? What a cute stocking stuffer!

$5.00 for a pack of 3 from

10. Music Stand

I remember when Santa brought me my first music stand. I was so little that I could barely lift it! It's a Manhassett and it's wonderful quality. I can attest to that: Mine has lasted for 25 years. While this might not seem that exciting at first glance, you can decorate this with your practice charts, stickers, awards, and have a fun place to dig into your note-reading.

$53.99 from

11. Peeking Cat

This little peeking cat hooks on to the G string (for violin) or the C string (for viola) and helps keep beginning students playing on the Kreisler highway for that beautiful, warm tone!

$1.99 at

12. Musical Jewelry

While I can't say this one will really help with practice, I can't leave these off the list. The Practice Shoppe has the sweetest collection of musical jewelry. This is just one necklace that I think would be a lovely gift for students of all ages.

925 Sterling Silver Eighth note Beamed Necklace


13. Stretto Humidifier for Violin/Viola

This is a life-saver. Keeping tiny violins (or violins of any size, really!) in tune during our harsh New England winters is a challenge. This humidifier is the best and it lasts forever. Don't forget to buy the accompanying stretto bags.

On sale for $29.95 at

14. Music Highlighting Tape

This highlighting tape is such a useful tool. It's particularly nice because it's removable, so you can call attention to spots in your music that need help and then take it away when it's no longer needed.

$5.00 at The Practice Shoppe

15. Cube Timer

This practice timer can be used in so many fun and creative ways. I'll have to do a blog post on it. For now, it could always be used as your basic "Practice scales for 10 minutes" but for younger students, it can really help with transitions to practice. It can also be a great help for students who channel their inner Energizer Bunny and just keep going and going. Plus, you can always have a big review party: How many review pieces can you play in x amount of time? Can you beat the buzzer?

$15.99 at The Practice Shoppe


Which one is your favorite? Comment below! Also, sorry about the formatting issues. My blog is being awfully fussy today. Perhaps it is feeling left out from all the presents.

This post is no affiliated with any company and this post is not an ad. Thanks for stopping by!


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