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Winter Break 2017 Challenge: Holiday Songs

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I'm already receiving wonderful practice updates with students completing their Winter Break Bingo board.

Here are the notes for "Joy tot he World" and "Silent Night" (for the parents when we need a little help):

For my Twinklers through Perpetual Motion: "Joy to the World" in A Major

Note: For beginners, it's okay to learn just the beginning of the piece. The point is to have fun, so don't worry about the whole thing. :)

A G# F# E Joy to the world!

D C# B A The Lord is come. E F# F# G# G# A Let earth receive her King A A G# F# E E D C# Let every heart A A G# F# E E D C# Prepare Him room C# C# C# C# C# D E And Saints and angels sing D C# B B B B C# D And Saints and angels sing C#B A A F# E DC# D C# B A And Saints and Saints and angels sing

*Fingerings in this piece:

A = open A string

B = 1st finger on A

C# = C-sharp (2 on the tape on the A String)

D = 3rd finger on A

E = open E string

F# = 1st finger on E

G# = 2nd finger on E (2 on the tape)

A = 3rd finger on E

For my Book 1 Students (Those working on G Major scale onward)

Rhythmically, this is tricky to notate in a blog, so I'm just going to include the lyrics of each line to keep track. Sheet music is below for reference as well.

Fingerings: Notes in black are on the D string, notes in bold black are on the A. Notes in green are on the G String.

C = C-natural, a low 2nd finger on the A string.

D E D B Silent Night

D E D B Holy Night

A A F# All is calm

G G D All is bright

E E G F# E Round yon vir-gin

D E D B mother and child

E E G F# E Holy infant so

D E D B tender and mild

A A C A F# Sleep in heavenly

G B Peace

G D B Sleep in

D C A G Heavenly peace


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