Happy Birthday!

Last week, I mentioned to my students that I would be taking the day off for my birthday (It happened to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday) and a few students said they wished to play "Happy Birthday". I was, of course, honored, and happy to oblige. I have about 7 students working on the G major pieces in Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 and 2, so I used "Happy Birthday" as a supplemental piece to get in more practice with those pesky low 2's.

I sent out the note names via FaceBook with the following decoder: Notes that are close together are "shorts", and those that are far apart are "longs". Notes that are just a note name are on the D string. Notes with finger numbers are on the A string.

DD E D G F# DD E D openA G DD D3 B1 G F# E CC(low2s) B1 G openA G

My students sent over videos of their performances and I am absolutely thrilled! The videos that were shared with me via Facebook are on the studio Facebook page (www.facebook.com/arianaviolin) as I can only post YouTube or Vimeo links on this blog. Thank you to my wonderful students for making my birthday so special!


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