"Beautiful tone, beautiful heart." - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

About the Studio

Our students are presented with many opportunities to perform, including: twice yearly full studio recitals, ensemble performances, Suzuki group class recitals, Suzuki graduation recitals, and community outreach performances. Students are encouraged and supported in their pursuit of additional performance outlets. Many students win auditions to perform in Connecticut Music Educator's Association (CMEA) regional and all-state festivals, CT youth symphonies, and participate in Suzuki summer institutes. 


The studio is located in the heart of Southington, at the brand new Southington Community Cultural Arts building (SoCCA).

October 2014 - The Suzuki Book 1 group class celebrates a successful performance at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival. 

Suzuki Method Lessons

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's world-famous method has revolutionized the way children learn to play violin. Called, "The Mother Tongue Method," Dr. Suzuki recognized a distinct connection between learning language and music. Emphasizing encouragement, positive correction, persistence, and intensive involvement of parents, teachers, and their peers, the Suzuki Method delivers a solid musical foundation while acting as a tool for children to develop good character. Dr. Suzuki's method is accompanied by a series of ten books which build the student's technique and repertoire. Each piece builds upon information learned from that of the previous. Suzuki teachers encourage mastery by routinely reviewing old pieces and simultaneously building upon them by introducing the techniques needed for playing newer and more difficult pieces. Ariana trained at The Hartt School's renowned Suzuki long-term training program. There, she trained with some of the world's most famous Suzuki pedagogues, Teri Einfeldt and Ed Kreitman and she is certified to teach the entire Suzuki repertoire (PreTwinkle through Book 8). 


Suzuki Method is best for children ages 3+ with limited or no experience in violin. Prospective families are warmly invited to visit the studio and should plan on observing lessons and interviewing/auditioning for before formally enrolling. To start your Suzuki journey, Contact Ariana.

Traditional Lessons 


Traditional lessons at the Straznicky Violin Studio are tailored to match each student's needs and goals. Learning independently or with some parental guidance as needed, this method is best for students who have already begun their violin studies or ages 9+. Traditional students are welcome to audition for the studio. To get started, click below

"Ariana was Rose's first violin teacher, starting at age 5. We ere so lucky to find her! She is fun and energetic and so kind, but make no mistake, she is teaching technical and musical rigor all the while. ...


We credit Ariana with instilling in Rose the pure joy in playing violin and making music, a positive work and practice ethic, and a commitment to technical rigor."

- Kathryn, Suzuki mom

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