Passionate Commitment to Excellence

One of the principles of the Suzuki method is that every child has great ability. Your child’s musical achievement is a direct reflection of the richness and quality of their musical environment. In other words, everything the parents do, combined with other musical and cultural influences, helps your child to reach their highest ability. 

Some parents may enter lessons thinking, “I will see if my child likes it,” or, “We’ll give this a try and see if she maintains her interest.” Most children will perceive this as a lack of value for musical study and reduce their efforts in this area. In other words, your saying, “Let’s see how it goes,” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On the other hand, when you fully and whole-heartedly embrace your child’s violin study, your child perceives your dedication and puts forth their best effort. Also, when you choose to bring passion to your role in this endeavor, you will expect nothing less than your own highest-quality attention, organization, and creativity as you nurture their musical study.

When passion and hard work come together, excellent results naturally arise. Years from now, your child will have attained impressive technical and artistic skill. Along with this come other skills which benefit them in every area of life: focused listening, the ability to control their attention, observation of tiny details, patience, perseverance, and the essence of their own humanity. These inner capacities will equip them to excel in disciplines from writing to engineering to medicine.

My request of the parents in my studio is to begin with the intention that your child will love what they do and achieve at the highest levels. This will give your child the greatest sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, and love of music.