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Lesson length

Lesson length depends on the quantity and length of the student’s material. Parents are required to attend all lessons for elementary-aged students.

  • Book 1-2 students: 45 minutes 

  • Book 3+ students: 60 minutes

A 10-minute transition time may be added between lessons to provide the teacher with personal time and to prepare for the next lesson. 


Tuition includes private lessons, two masterclasses per year, recital preparation, two recitals per year, and studio social events.

45-minute lessons: $/ month
60-minute lessons: / month

Recitals and masterclasses are considered central to students’ training. Please prioritize attendance at all studio events as equal in importance to your private lesson.

Cancellation & Make-Ups

This is a violin-priority studio. Please limit your child’s other activities and plan to accommodate these around your child’s violin schedule. When you enroll in other activities, please inform the activity’s director that you are unable to miss violin events. 

When you take private lessons, you are paying for the teacher to reserve a specific time for you for the semester. This time has been set aside for you regardless of whether you attend or not. If you must miss a lesson due to a schedule conflict, you may contact another student to arrange a trade (provided you make this request at least one week in advance) or donate your lesson to another family. This is the best way to handle lessons you need to miss. Family contact information can be found in the studio portal.

If you are unable to arrange a trade, simply enter the online calendar and click on the lesson you must miss. Select “Cancel Attendance.” This lesson will now become available for someone else, and you may use this credit to join an open time slot (marked on the calendar with a recycling sign). However, since openings are rare, the best way to handle missed lessons is to trade with another student. 

Please do not contact the teacher with make-up requests, as these cannot be accommodated.

Enrollment is by semester, and payment is expected in full at the beginning of each semester. If you wish to divide tuition into payments, you may do so by submitting four postdated checks on the first day of the semester. Payment is also accepted by cash, Google Pay, and Zelle.

If a family chooses to discontinue lessons within the first month of the semester, they will owe for a month of lessons from the date that notice was given. Please make sure to allow for a final lesson to honor the relationship and say “good-bye.” 

Teacher Illness

The teacher is allocated one “sick day” per student per year; this missed lesson is not required to be made up. Any further lessons missed by the teacher, or any lesson missed for reasons other than illness, will be made up or the lesson refunded. This policy is in accordance with NMTA guidelines for private studio teachers.


Parents and/or students who do not ensure excellent lesson preparation, maintain regular attendance, prioritize group class, or be responsive in payments and communication may be dismissed from the studio.

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