Holiday Songs

The holiday season is officially here and it's time to supplement our Suzuki repertoire with some of our favorite holiday songs. After all, tis the season to be jolly! For my Twinklers: "Jingle Bells" in A Major CC C CC C CE A BC DD D DD C C CC B B C B E CC C CC C CE A BC DD D DDC C CC E E D B A *Rhythm note: Note names that are close together are shorts, all others are longs. It's a little tricky to write down in this short hand, but I'm sure that once you start playing it, it'll make total sense. *Fingerings in this piece: A = open A string B = 1st finger on A C = C-sharp (2 on the tape on the A String) D = 3rd finger on A E = open E string *Video For my Book 1 Students (Those working on G

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