Happy Birthday!

Last week, I mentioned to my students that I would be taking the day off for my birthday (It happened to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday) and a few students said they wished to play "Happy Birthday". I was, of course, honored, and happy to oblige. I have about 7 students working on the G major pieces in Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 and 2, so I used "Happy Birthday" as a supplemental piece to get in more practice with those pesky low 2's. I sent out the note names via FaceBook with the following decoder: Notes that are close together are "shorts", and those that are far apart are "longs". Notes that are just a note name are on the D string. Notes with finger numbers are on the A strin

Spooky Suzuki

Every year around Halloween time, we have a special group class called "Spooky Suzuki", where we play Halloween-themed games, learn spooky versions of our favorite songs, and, of course, dress up in costume! #spookysuzukigroupclass

Apple Harvest Festival Flash Mob

This October, we took our music to the streets of Southington and performed at the Apple Harvest Festival. My two Suzuki group classes, Twinkle and Book 1, performed their favorite pieces and the crowd loved it. #suzukiviolin

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